5 Common Mistakes in Assignment Writing That Student Often Make

You have worked really hard and the content is great. You complete your assignment on time. You submit the assignment – but you have to re-sit for the assignment!

Does it ring any bell to you?

Well, if it does, you might be making some very common mistakes which go undetected while writing your assignments.

These mistakes are, in general, not harmful but can be a threat to your assignment and grades. While you could let it go unnoticed, your professors will definitely not! Let’s see what our experts from Quality Assignment Help have to say :

How to figure the mistakes before actually doing it?

While you would easily be able to catch your mistakes once you submit your assignment (the professor would tell you!), isn’t it better to have caught the mistakes and resolved it so that your assignment is accepted and you get the grades you deserve for your hard work?

Let us figure out how…

Misunderstanding your assignment 

As soon as you get the assignments and the due dates, you would probably be more eager to finish off the assignments than giving enough thought to the topic.

Well, you made the first mistake right there!

More often than not, the assignments don’t turn out great even though you did everything that you could because you did not properly analyze the topic.

Here are few tips to follow:

  • Understand the topic that is assigned to you. Reading it twice (at least!) will give you a better understanding of it and thus help you find more relevant answers to the questions that follow.
  • In case of an essay submission, make sure you understand the topic and clearly define your stand (either for or against) the topic. Failing which you might end up writing a confusing piece which will be of no use!
  • While writing a report, take great care of reading the case study that is assigned to you. Most of the times, you can find the answers right in the case-study itself. While answering to perspective questions, be clear about your thoughts and explain your answers with both theory and apt examples.

Not Referring to Class Notes

Often times, while working on the assignments, you might skip to look into your class notes for reference. You might get a lot of relevant information from all over the library and internet, but including the tiny bits of information from class which your professor added could make your assignments stronger.

When the professor notices class notes included in the assignment, who do you think would be deemed as a sincere and attentive student? You, of course!


While it might seem an easy alternative, it is very lousy of you do it. Why? Considering the consequences like even getting your degree cancelled, plagiarism or copying others’ work without proper reference is frowned upon!

Inspire from others but put forth your own ideas.

Delayed Submission 

Deadlines are for a reason!

If you constantly struggle to finish your assignments on time, you might be setting up a bad example for yourself.

No Proofreading

You may think that you have checked and re-checked your work enough times but you do need to get it proof-read. If you happen to be a non-native English speaker, it is all the more necessary to get your work proofread by assignment or dissertation writing experts.

Compromising at the cost of grades isn’t worth it!

There are online assignment experts who can be hired to make your work free from all forms of grammar and spelling errors. Hiring one for your assignments can boost your grades positively!

If you find yourself doing any of the above mentioned mistakes, take the cue and resolve it for better grades and career.

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