What is included on an APA reference? What are in-text citations?

What is included on an APA reference?  What are in-text citations?  Find an article with data, research and/or statistics related to healthcare administration.  (could be any topic.. e,g diabetes data, heart disease, quality assurance, insurance rates etc)  Write a sentence in your own words that reflect the research you just read.  At the end of your sentence properly cite the reference (the article).   Include the reference on your reference page at the end of the assignment.   When should you use direct quotes? How often should they be used? How will these areas help you with writing research papers and projects?

Next – Find a research article that is related to the health care field (you must use the Keiser online Library). Provide a brief summary of the research article you have found, and upload a copy of the article to this board. As everyone uploads their article, take a look at them and discuss how they are similar to each other and how they are different. Can you determine the funding for the research?

Week 1 Assignment Rubric:A quality research article from the Keiser Online Library uploaded: 30 pointsResponse to the Assignment Questions: 30 pointsResponse to ONE OTHER student: 20 pointsCitation and reference using APA, 6th edition: 20 pointsTotal Possible Points: 100 points

To begin discussing in this forum, click the forum title, “Week 1 Assignment”. Then, click Create Thread on the Action Bar to post your initial reply. To reply to a fellow participant, click the title of the initial post, then click Reply.


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