What could be some environmental factors contributing to Randy’s behavior challenges at school?

Case Study “Randy” is a child attending a preschool program in a low income area. Randy started preschool in a classroom with 17 other children. From the start, Randy was described by his teachers as “aggressive” and “out of control”. Randy refused to do what was asked of him in the classroom and was aggressive towards his peers. When he wanted something that another child was playing with, he would scream and grab the toy from them. He would walk up to other children and push them down unprovoked. Despite Randy’s aggressive behavior, he clearly had some developmental skills. He was very independent in his daily living skills expected of a preschooler, such as throwing trash away, using the restroom independently, and washing and drying his hands. He also had well developed language skills, including some choice words that were not encouraged. When teachers worked with Randy one on one, he was able to maintain attention and showed strong problem solving skills. To answer this question well, we may need to know more about Randy’s home environment. Randy currently lives with his mother and her boyfriend. His father lives in another state. His mother and her boyfriend currently live in a low socioeconomic situation. He also has an older brother, who is in 1st grade. The school often has difficulty getting in touch with Randy’s mother, because her phone number frequently changes. When the school is able to speak with her regarding Randy’s behavior, she becomes upset and yells at the school administrator. Randy’s mother reports that she is thinking about sending Randy to Nevada to live with his father, because she “can’t handle him anymore”. She reports that following school in the morning, Randy goes to daycare until 6pm every day. She indicated that he and his older brother are constantly fighting with each other at home. You are brought in as an expert consultant to help the teachers understand Randy’s behavior and how to help him be successful. Directions After reading this case study, write a coherent essay that addresses each of the following questions. Use information from your textbook, this lesson, and other resources to help you respond to each question. Be sure to include a reference list at the end of your submission. Your response should be a minimum of 450 words in length. Cite resources appropriately using APA format, and use correct grammar and spelling. a. What could be some environmental factors contributing to Randy’s behavior challenges at school? b. What type of social services would you recommend for Randy in the home environment? c. What type of educational services would you recommend for Randy in the school environment to help him be more successful? d. What advice would you give the teachers on how to deal with Randy’s behavior?


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