Unethical Practices and Communication Issues HW

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Question 1:

(10 Marks, Word Limit 250-350)

Mr. Rashid is serving in an electronic company. He is performing his duties in the capacity of Marketing supervisor. He is handling a team of nine employees. He remains concerned regarding his team members about lack of respect for time, bribery, lack of responsibility, job secrets, merit etc. These probable unethical practices were causing many troubles in the day to day working of the department. As a result, performance of the department was going down.

In your opinion, how Mr. Rashid should advise and guide his team members about the Unethical Practices which employees should not follow in this given situation.

Question 2:

(10 Marks, Word Limit 250-350)

A foreigner Mr. Antonio came from United Kingdom. He joins a Hospital as a Public Relations Manager in Oman. He has to deal with local people, other companies, banks, government organizations, insurance companies, ministries etc. to perform his job responsibilities. He has very less idea about Omani culture, traditions and local manners. So he is not familiar with Dos and Don’ts which he should take care while dealing with others for his job.

Now you have to suggest five Omani Business Manners which should be taught to Mr. Antonio particularly in the above case study. So that he can work easily in new culture.

Question 3:

(10 Marks, Word Limit 250-350)

China is a country with unique business dynamics. It has one of the largest business economy in the world. In their transactions interest is present because of interest based banking system. Freedom of enterprise is under some conditions. Treatment with workers is not consistent and in some places salaries are very low. About business obligations clear guidelines are not developed. Mutual consent of business is not followed sometimes when a big company makes a contract with small firm with unfair conditions.

Suppose you are an advisor for business ethics, and if you are asked to develop Islamic business framework in that country. Then analyze that what will be the Effect of Islam on Business Ethics in the above scenario of China. You can mention five effects.

Question 4:

(10 Marks, 250-350)

In Oman, Oreedo is a big telecommunication company. Which has second place in the sector. If a corporate is earning high level of profits and it has bulk of savings as well, then it should not think for the shareholders only. But this corporate should think for the betterment of employees, their families and for the society as a whole.

You have to explore that what five beneficial things which Oreedo can do as its Corporate Social Responsibility for the society of Muscat

Question 5:

(5 + 5 = 10 Marks, Word Limit 250-350)

(a) Examine thetopic “the effect of equilibrium on work ethics” by giving two real life examples from Omani organizations or business. These examples should be from your own based on your analysis and observation and not from the book.

(b) How can you bring Equality in your college/class to create ethical environment.


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