Unemployment rate due to the corona virus pandemic

Resources could include journals, web sites, books, financial publications, personal resources or interviews.  The Gateway library is also an excellent resource to assist you.  Use the following as an outline for your report. You will submit an outline to your instructor as indicated in the due dates below

Topic Outline
Main Topic or Title
Discussion of topic
Report Citation, a list of resources, journals, web sites, books, personal resources (to be added to the outline after week 10).

Final Report Suggested Format
1.    Cover Page, Title of report, name of class, name of student.
2.    Should be 5-10 pages, size 12 font, double-spaced excluding slides and exhibits.
3.    PowerPoint Slides (optional)
4.    Exhibits. This would include any charts or graphs to support your conclusions, spreadsheets, pictures, etc.
5.    Works Cited page or Bibliography

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