The Medical Device Clinical Trials in Japan: Differences compared to the US

The idea of the PowerPoint slide is like doing a mini tutorial podcast to teach others about the topic that has already written in that report paper.

Do not waste your time spending time going over explaining a specific regulation because everyone can do research and read it. Instead, you should explain the topic and issue in further details.

Ask yourself that>> What is the most important take away massage of this presentation, what you want the audience to come away with after reading and listening to this presentation as well as reading the report paper? 
Then design the presentation according to that.
Do not just do the slide presentation but write a script under each slide in the note part. I will use that words for the speech.

This mini tutorial or podcast should take 5-7 minutes.
Be creative and use further images or pictures in each slides.

Put the strategic questions at the end of the presentation and in the note part, write how are you gonna ask them each question and short explanation answer from your opinion to answer each questions and the research you have done already.

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