Read this recent NYT article about Arbitration very carefully. Then answer the questions below:


Attached is a link to a recent NYT article about arbitration.
Scared to Death by Arbitration: Companies Drowning in Their Own System

Read this recent NYT article about arbitration very carefully. Then answer the questions below:
a.    Write one paragraph summarizing the gist of this article.
b.    The article mentioned a 2011 Supreme Court case.
i.    Identify the case.
ii.    Provide the complete Bluebook citation for this case.
iii.    What is the holding in this case?
iv.    What is the business law significance of this case?
c.    The article mentioned AAA and CPR. Identify each of them? In a few sentences identify their similarities and differences.
d.    The article mentioned class action law suits.
i.     Define a class action.
ii.    Who are the largest proponents of class action lawsuits? Why?
iii.    Who are the largest detractors of class action lawsuits? Why?
iv          Using the WSJ, find an article about a class action lawsuit involving a    publicly traded company. Provide the link to the article. In paragraph one  summarize the article. In paragraph two, give your opinion on whether this class action provided a fair and equitable resolution to the dispute you described in paragraph one. Explain your reasoning.
v.    The following headline and synopsis appeared in a recent NJSBA(NJ State Bars Association) publication:
Lawyers Predict a ‘Huge Explosion’ in Worker Class Actions Over COVID-19-
As unemployment rises and an increasing number of workers raise safety concerns over the coronavirus, lawyers in the class action bar predict that the largest group of class actions filed over the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to come from employees.

In one paragraph explain why are class action lawyers making such a prediction?
In paragraph two, express your opinion. Do you agree with the statement? Why or Why not?

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