Project Portfolio Monitoring and Control

Assignment: Project Portfolio Monitoring and Control
PMC Corporation CEO Les Walker is coming to Argentina and will attend the monthly project review. The SLA region senior vice president will also attend and does not want any surprises. The project review meeting will focus on the portfolio of four current Argentina projects.
For this Assignment, read Part 3 “Argentina in the Spotlight: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance” in the PMC Corporation Case Study. Prepare a 3- to 4-page paper that addresses these items:

Prepare a status report for the four Argentina projects presented in the case study. The content requirements for the status report are provided in the case study.
Prioritize the projects according to their current contribution to the SLA Region goals based on your analysis of the performance of each project.
Recommend actions on each of the projects in the Argentina portfolio to maximize the value of the portfolio overall.
Justify your recommendations.

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