Modern Management Concepts & Skills Assignment

Complete the following essay questions below and each essay question response should be a minimum of 500 words supported with scholarly research from your textbook and outside internet sources excluding wiki sources with included direct quote and or paraphrased citations within all responses in combination with your analysis of the concepts along with any experience if applicable.

Explain in detail the importance of power to the control process. What kinds of power do managers use and what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each type of power?
Describe in detail the information that is appropriate for making strategic planning decisions and for making operational control decisions. First pick an example of an area for strategic decision making and then describe the kinds of information that might help the manager and leader make informed decisions in this area. What kinds of information will be difficult to obtain and why?
Discuss in detail “management by exception”? How does it operate? Do you think management by exception is an efficient strategy? Why or why not? Provide examples of contexts where you think this approach can be effective and where it might be problematic. What kinds of organizational characteristics are most valuable in situations where this approach might work? How comfortable are you with this managerial approach?


Certo, S. & Certo, T. (2016). Modern Management: Concepts and Skills (14th ed.). Pearson/Prentice Hall.  
Chapter 17: Controlling, Information, and Technology
Chapter 18: Production and Control

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