M7D1: Radical Functions and Their Graphs

For this activity, you will need to create and post a graph. The easiest way to plot points and graph a function and then generate an image of the work is to use Desmos, a free, online graphing calculator (Links to an external site.). The following information will help you with this work:

Written directions on using the online calculatorPreview the document [PDF, 409 KB]
Video directions on using the online calculator [Video, 3:32 mins]

Create a function of the form f of x equals the ath root of (b times x) plus c” title=”f of x equals the ath root of (b times x) plus cto plot and graph. Make sure it is different than any already posted. Post your function in your initial post with the subject line: My radical function [your name].

In your post:

1. Create a table containing at least four ordered pairs (x, y) that are on the curve

2. Graph the radical function

3.Include the table you created

4.Include the image of your graph (refer to the calculator directions above)

5.Describe the general behavior of the graph

6.Determine and include the range and domain of the radical function

7Write the function in equivalent form using rational exponents

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