Impact of a crisis on the events sector (focus on Coronavirus)

So this essay is quite easy. The plan is already below, with the word count needed for all different parts. The essay should look at the impact of the coronavirus on the events sector. The events that I want you to look at are already in the plan.
Please only use sources from online websites that I can find easily. This could be articles from newspapers etc.

Research is key, therefore we will need to have much back up information from online resources.

This is the Plan: (please follow it)

Introduction (400 words)

Canceled events: (500 words)
–    Sports 
Tokyo 2020
F1 (Cancellation of Bahrain and Monaco, Postpone races)
Tennis (Wimbledon, Rolex Maters Monaco, US Open)
–    Cultural
Cannes Film Festival
Met Gala
Dubai Expo

Financial impact (700 words)
–    Loss in revenue for event organizers.
–    Loss in revenue for the hospitality sector.
–    Loss of jobs for Workers.

(Use examples for each, try and use examples from the canceled events which were talked about earlier in the essay)

Issues after recovery (300 words)
–    Will people want to go out?
–    How will we deal with social distancing etc.

Recommendations (800 words)
–    Insurance (look at the Wimbledon pandemic insurance)
–    Virtual reality (video conference, VR glasses etc)
–    Closed doors sport events 
–    Providing masks and gel at events?

Conclusion (200 words)

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