Identify the life stage he or she is in, along with the psychological crisis each is experiencing.

The purpose of this assignment is to use what you have learned about lifespan theories, models of resilience, and psychosocial development to assess how well individuals and families are functioning in relation to all three of these areas. To address realistic situations without violating personal rights to privacy, you will use the movie you selected to provide a case scenario.

If you have not yet viewed the movie selected in Unit 5, you need to do so to complete this assignment. Each movie represents characters in multiple life stages. Choose one movie and identify three characters. Each character should be moving through a different life stage from school age through middle adulthood, for a minimum of three different life stages. As you study each character, focus on details that will make your analysis applicable to your specialization.


For this assignment, imagine you are a counselor working with each of these three characters. Now, conduct the following analysis for each character:

Identify the life stage he or she is in, along with the psychological crisis each is experiencing.
Apply psychosocial developmental theory to the situation presented, from the perspective of a counselor: ◾Conceptualize your ideas for the developmental tasks of each character selected, grounding your conceptualization in your own area of specialization.
◾Include a discussion of the character’s life and factors that might affect behaviors, including cultural and other influences related to the stage of development assessed. To the extent that it is relevant for each character, include an analysis of interrelationships among work, family, and other life roles. Include an analysis of the impact of cultural influences, as well. Refer to specific actions and words of the characters in the movie as evidence for your analysis.

◾Support your ideas with specific lifespan theories discussed in this course, citing and referencing your sources.


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