identify and describe a major cultural event within your lifetime that shaped the lives of families and children.

Session One
Assignments Prior to Session Meeting:
**Blackboard check-in for discussion board #1… by responding to discussion board 1**
Reading – Week 1 Part 1: About Human Development 1, 2 Part 2: Beginnings 3, 4
Writing assignment 1
In 1-2 pages, identify and describe a major cultural event within your lifetime that shaped the lives of families and children. Include a process for studying the effects of the event. Citations required.
Discussion Board 1: Online Introduction
Post a personal introduction to the group. Please include: a)Name b)Profession c)Experience with online courses? d)Previous Psychology courses? e)Your major and expected graduation date f)Please include your expectations of the course
Discussion Board 2: Give a descriptive adjective for each of the following decades of life: Ages 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90+.
Discussion Board 3: What is your personal definition of psychology?

Discussion Board 4: Cultural influence
Consider the influence of a) family, b) neighborhood, c) socioeconomic status, d) culture, e) race, f) ethnicity and g) historical context on a cohort other than your own.

Discussion Board 5: Five Theoretical Perspectives
Discuss the five theoretical perspectives on human development. Consider the representative theories associated with each perspective, especially the developmental stages according to Freud, Erikson and Piaget. Discussion Board 6: Offer an example of research that might be conducted by theorists within a perspective on human development. Which theory can you most relate to?
Discussion Board 7: Nature vs. Nurture
What roles do heredity and environment play in a) physical health, b) intelligence and c) personality? Consider the influence that technology will have on understanding the impact of nature and nurture on human development.
Discussion Board 8: Child-rearing costs
What does it cost to raise a child until age 22?

1.use the following text book:Textbook to write one page paper a listed in the assignment– Papalia, D. E., Wendkos-Olds, S. & Duskin-Feldman, R. (2015). Human development, 13

2.answer 8 discussion questions in one page . Don’t answer discussion question 1


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