Environmental and Energy Policy at Local and State Level

1.Summarize how state and local policy (in general) is different than federal policy. Can individual state policies be the catalyst for change at a federal level? How have state and local policies nationwide impacted the national discussion on the environment energy? What types of issues are state and local governments tackling?  Use specific examples to illustrate your points. Should be answered in at least 2 paragraphs.

2.State Policy: What current environmental and energy policies are in place in Florida? Name at least four of the major environmental or energy issues facing Florida. What is the current demand or need for energy in the state of Florida? What is the current status of renewables in the state?  What role does industry play in state policies? How do we compare to other states, including neighboring states? Where do you see the future of environmental and energy policy in the state? Should be answered in at least 3 paragraphs.

3.Local Policy: Briefly discuss what are the best practices in local government in terms of environmental and energy policy? Name at least two issues facing us locally. Can more meaningful change happen at the local level? How can local leaders be convinced to pursue renewable energy reform – especially when it can be very costly? Summarize what is occurring at a local level in Central Florida in terms of alternative energy. What overall impact does or could Central Florida governments have on encouraging alternative energy? How are local governments dealing with other issues facing environment? Should be answered in at least 3-4 paragraphs.

4.Provide an example of an environmental or energy project in the state of Florida that is not directly connected to federal, state, or local government. Please describe this project – what is happening? What are the outcomes? How does this impact the overall state/local economy? What role do private companies or other organizations have on the overall policy discussion in the state? What role does private industry have nationwide in terms of environemental policy? How will this impact the discussion nationwide into the future? Should be answered in at least 3-4 paragraphs.

5.Conclusion – tie it all together in one paragraph. Why is this important and what did you learn completing this assignment?

6.Be sure to list and cite all sources.

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