Discuss your own moral decision making and how it relates to these stages.

Power Point Presentation On Kohlberg’s Theory Of Moral Development

Instructions for the Project:

  • Read pages 275-277 of your text explaining Kohlberg’s theory of moral development.
  • Do research in other sources to provide you with a more in-depth look at the stages that are discussed.
  • Make a power point presentation consisting of at least 15 slides explaining these stages and how your own style of moral reasoning relates to Kohlberg’s stages.
  • You will have at least one slide explaining each stage and at least one slide giving an example of each stage.

You will answer the following questions about your own moral decision making in your discussion paper (using at least 500 words), after you have made your slide presentation on Kohlberg’s stages:

  1. Discuss your own moral decision making and how it relates to these stages.
  2. Do you make moral decisions at a different stage now than you did at an earlier point in your life? Explain and provide an example of a moral decision you made at an earlier point in your life.
  3. Discuss a recent moral decision that you made and explain how your style of moral reasoning relates to Kohlberg’s stage theory of moral development.

Kohlberg’s Stages—Critical Thinking Final Project:

Week Four: Slide PresentationPoint ValueQuality content in slides and examples of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development25 pointsWritten Discussion- How personal moral decision making relates to Kohlberg’s theory25 pointsUses the recommended number of scholarly resources correctly cited in APA format (at least four)20 points Creativity-(Color, media, photos, statistics, etc)10 points Proper Spelling, Grammar, Capitalization, Punctuation10 points Posts required # slides (15) and remember to post word count10 points Total (deductions if late)100 points

Helpful Tips

  • Always use spell and grammar check
  • Use creativity in preparing your slides
  • Review the APA video and resource in Student Resources under Course Home
  • You can send your presentation to the Keiser OWL (Online Writing Lab) for review and to ask for help.


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