Discuss at least 3 ways using this information or service would benefit the nursing profession or practice.

Using the ” Fitbit app” and Reflects a current trend in health and discuss the implication for patients and nursing. Use the attached template to complete the assignment.

1)History or background ( 10 points)

Include a brief history or background of the app you selected.

2) Access ( 5 point)

What is required for access? Ex. Is it free or purchased, Is membership required? Can you use a smart phone, computer, etc? How easy/difficult is it to access the information? Who is the target audience?

3)Justify your selection ( 5 points)

Why did you select this App/health information/website?

4)Summary and reliability of service selected ( 30 points)

Describe the service/product. Include the how to find or obtain it and who publishes or created it; web address, date of publication, topic, presenter/author with credentials. Do your due diligence. Is this a reputable source that you would be confident referring a patient to?

5)Application to nursing practice and health improvement( 40 points)

How could this be applied in your nursing career or nursing practice?
• Discuss at least 3 ways using this information or service would benefit the nursing profession or practice.
• Identify some advantage and disadvantages
• Explain how implementation could impact the health outcomes of your patients.
(Note the large number of points for this question- you are expected to give this some thought!)

6)List your references and sources of information

Include at least two references. Use current sources within the past 3 years. You may use a website, article or other publication. One reference should support the use of this information/application/technology. Use APA format, correct grammar, syntax and spelling

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Vulnerable community and theoretical framework
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

the vulnerable population chosen is the minority elderly. the paper appraises the healthcare needs of the minority elderly, assesses the political, socio-economic, governmental, regulatory, and ethical factors that affect this group and evaluate transcultural theories applicable to the nursing care, health risk reduction, and socioeconomic risk reduction of the minority elderly; examine the health care disparities, traditions norms, beliefs,values and attitudes toward health care of the minority elderly


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