Describe some suggestions for improving the study’s design

Part A: Research Scenario (22 points) In the research scenario presented below, you are required to provide answers to various questions that ask about the Null and Alternative hypotheses, and independent and dependent variables (if any). You are also asked to comment on what might be wrong with the experimental design employed in the study and how the study design can be improved. Part A, Section 1: Background Karsh (1983) designed an experiment on the relationship between early handling and friendliness in cats. She randomly assigned kittens to one of three groups which differed according to the age of first handling. The first group was handled daily from 3 to 14 weeks of age, the second from 7 to 14 weeks of age and the third received no handling from birth to 14 weeks. Different experimenters handled each kitten on different days. “Handling” was defined as an experimenter holding a kitten on his/her lap while petting it for 15 minutes. Friendliness was measured by how long each kitten stayed with the experimenter when not restrained, and by how long it took each kitten to reach the experimenter. Karsh found that the kittens handled from 3 to 14 weeks stayed longer with the experimenter and ran more quickly to the experimenter than kittens handled from 7 to 14 weeks. Also, kittens handled from 7 to 14 weeks were more “friendly” than kittens who received no handling at all. Karsh concluded that kittens should be handled as early as possible to ensure life-long friendliness towards humans. Part A, Section 2: Assignment Task Answer the following questions. 1. Briefly state the Null Hypothesis (Ho). (2 points) 2. Briefly state the Alternative Hypothesis (Ha). (2 points) 3. What is (are) the Independent Variable(s) and the levels of the IV? (2 points) 4. What is (are) the Dependent Variable(s)? (2 points) 5. Describe the possible confound(s) in this experimental design. (10 points) 6. Describe some suggestions for improving the study’s design. (4 points)


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