Deliverable 4 – Low and High Performing Paid Traffic Campaigns INS

Deliverable 4 – Low and High Performing Paid Traffic Campaigns

You are currently an assistant to the national director of online marketing in the marketing department at Digital Market Makers, a national marketing firm with local offices across the nation.
There is team meeting of online marketing staff. Everyone from the email developer to the graphic designer is attending. Key metrics that the company needs to monitor are a focus of the meeting. You also voice your support on how the company should develop a culture of disruption.
After the meeting it is apparent that many of the attendees are unsure of the terminology used and perhaps even what the different metrics mean. As a result, there is concern that any further meetings are going to be unsuccessful.
The national director, Rowan Jones, asks you to develop a brief in-house manual. This manual is a good example of how organizations recognize a need for a document and create it based on their specific needs. In this case, the manual should include a cover page, glossary, and each item should have a definition and example. This document will be made available to everyone on the team, and will ensure that all team members involved understand the language, terminology and focus of the digital marketing campaigns.
Select a for-profit company that has a website and sells within multiple states. Ideally, select a company that is small-to-midsized. The company should have no more than 500 employees and the revenue (if known) should be less than $40 million.
Develop an in-house manual with a cover page and glossary that details the following concepts with a brief example of their use:
    RFM Analysis
    Engagement Data
    On-page optimization compared to off-page optimization
    Cost per acquisition
    Bounce rate
    Customer acquisition cost
    Broad overview of website analytics
    Include a sample Google Analytics Report screenshot for any website and include a review of that the different points of data mean as an example to follow

5-6 pages is required, use proper spelling and grammar

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