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Writing –

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Humanities –

To complete this assignment, you must choose a listening selection from Section 1: Basic Musical Concepts (any of the classes from “Unity and Variety” up to and including “Folk Music, Art Music, and All That Jazz”) and write a two-paragraph summary. Your summary must include the following to receive full credit: •The name and composer of the selection.. •The location of the selection. (e.g. Introductory Concepts: The Structure of Music). •A short analysis of the piece from the point of view of a Referential Listener. (Read the description of the Referential Listener, and use the attributes listed to analyze the selection.). •Finally, indicate what musical “concept” is illustrated by the selection (e.g. musical idea, ensemble, solo performer, variation, etc.), and state intelligently whether you think the selection was effective in communicating this concept.. Below is a sample of a well-written Written Assignment 1: Listening, that discusses a piece of music from the Referential Listener’s point of view: Written Assignment 1: Listening The Types of Listeners Lesson defines the “referential listener” as someone who is reminded of past events, images, feelings, or that catch the listener up in those memories. The piece of music I chose is Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, op. 11 in the Historical Periods section, Lesson 36, Contemporary I. When I hear this music I am reminded of two things, my grandfather’s funeral when we shoveled dirt on top of his grave. This piece of music is profoundly sad with falling figures that capture the goodbye for eternity forever that I have when thinking of this memory. I am also reminded of a Vietnam War movie that was made in the early 1980s that may have used this music as a backdrop to the devastation that the soldiers experienced, The Deerhunter. In this piece, the concept is that 20th c. music often featured certain instrument families over others. In Adagio for Strings, the string family provides the dominant timbre.

Art history Response Questions –

Humanities –

View the powerpoint in the folder attached and answer the questions below:

List and explain reasons why you believe that patterns can be useful in developing interesting designs.

Compare and contrast the use of complementary and analogous colors in two different paintings. Use examples from the PowerPoint presentation or the text.

What techniques can be utilized to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface (or picture-plane)? There are several listed in the Notes and the Powerpoint.

history homework –

Other –

The period of inquiry for this unit often gets labeled by historians as “Jeffersonian Politics.”

Prompt: How would you describe and characterize “Jeffersonian Politics?” How did it differ from earlier forms of American government?

In your answer, you should consider and properly cite the readings, audio, and video for this week’s Unit. Your discussion will be evaluated using the rubric below. please use the video then answer the question.

Quiz 4 and Course Reflection Quiz –

Business Finance –

login to the canvas and take Quiz 4 and Course Reflection Quiz like last time. please try to get full grade

you should have the user name and the password

The Campaign –

Humanities –

  1. How much does it cost to run for office in Texas?
    2. How will you raise money? (read this handy info from the Texas Democratic Party before you violate any campaign finance laws: )
    3. Name interest groups that will support/oppose you? Go to and identify two (2) interest groups that you think will support your campaign, and two (2) who will oppose your campaign. Explain why? (referring to your platform).
  2. What’s your SLOGAN?
  3. Design a campaign sign.
  4. Which state or local newspaper, official, celebrity endorsements will you seek? Why?
  5. How do you get out the vote? Given your issue stands, what voter groups do you need to target? (refer back to the district analyses documents on your current legislator’s homepage..

Deviant Paper –

Humanities –

Topic may be on anything DEVIANT, any social deviance make an argument and prove it with articles use at least 4 sources, include theory(s). Whether it is a deviant act now and it wasn’t before or something that was before and now isn’t. Use at least 4 sources it would help you so that you don’t repeat the same thing over and over, 2 page on each source and combine them don’t just throw it, incorporate the sources. Make an argument.

Ex: Ponzi Scheme, Homosexuality how people are reacting, Latin x, Gender, marijuana use, the matzo movement, tattoos.

Will be graded on substantive content, grammar and writing skill. If you need help, please see me with drafts. All papers should be 8 pages, at minimum (not including cover and reference pages), typed, use a 12 pt. font (Arial/Times New Roman), be doubled spaced, and follow APA guidelines (see Written Work, above). Papers should be stapled before being turned in. Students are encouraged to use mixed sources (books, journals, and reliable internet sources) to answer their topic related question or statement. All work must be cited using the APA style and Final Paper is to adhere to APA format.

strategic planning –

Humanities –

Strategic Planning

Select a business of interest to you and research its strategic planning in the 21st century. Summarize

main ideas and provide your comments relating to strengths and weaknesses of that business’s strategic

plan. Post in the “Discussion Board”, Forum “Strategic Planning”.

Before analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the business’s strategy, you should read the articles

relating to the “Strategic Planning” in the “External Link”.

Cepuros Foods Malaysia Business Marketing Case Study Help –

Business Finance –

Read the below case and answer the following questions in a 4 page paper.

1). What determines the demand for Bail Sos cooking sauces in Malaysia? What are the differences between the factors affecting demand for Baik Sos cooking sauces and the demand for Baik Sos salsa?

2). Using a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, what was CFI-M’s situation in 2017?

3). Evaluate the possible growth strategies using the product/market matrix concept for CFI-M’s salsa line. What is the difference in operating in operating income for the alternative strategies?

4). How should CFI develop the salsa market in Malaysia? How should CFI-M allocate its marketing investments?

Final Draft Essay and one letter –

Writing –

  • Length: ~500 words
  • Letter to me
  • Due Sunday with RA Final Draft in the ePortfolio (You will NOT turn the assignment in here)

Rhetorical Considerations

  • Audience: Me (Tarah)
  • Form: Letter. Stylistically, feel free to use a tone and ethos that reflects you as a person and as a student.
  • Media: Web/Typed (to appear in your ePortfolio)
  • Content: Messages that reflect upon you as a writing student in the context of our class


At this point in the quarter, it’s time to stop and think critically about what’s been learned and practiced. For this assignment, focus on writing a coherent, introspective narrative for how you feel your quarter has gone so far–the progress you’ve made, struggles you’ve battled, what you’ve learned, how you’ve learned it, what you still have yet to learn, and how you can transfer what you’ve learned so far to future, outside scenarios. You should write this in the form of a letter to me (Tarah), and because this is a reflective writing assignment, you should use the first person point of view and also feel free to address me directly if the need occurs.

Focus on addressing SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of ASSIGNMENTS AND MOMENTS FROM THE QUARTER to help you illustrate your claims and ideas. Focus clearly and in-depth on a small number of topics. Do not simply list everything you’ve done this quarter or attempt to address everything. Curate the most important topics for YOU as an individual. BE HONEST. Angles and topics to address in your Midterm Portfolio Reflection are as follows. You are not limited to these suggestions, nor do you have to address them all:

  • Where you started as a writer vs. Where you are now (overall feelings of improvement, increased confidence, etc., even if very small)
  • Your most important struggles as a writer, and as a communicator, and how the RA drafting process has specifically addressed these struggles (for better or for worse)
  • Your concept of how to write and think critically about a difficult topic, ie: how you’re doing with tough concepts like genre, handling difficult readings on your own, drafting arguments, and ultimately articulating your POV in writing.
  • Your concept of the writing and drafting process, ie: what you’ve learned about its importance (specifically to YOU, not in general), anything you’ve learned to recognize about yourself as a writer and as a student, things you know you still need to lear and practice, any major mistakes you made along the way and how to address them in the future.
  • How you can transfer the writing and critical thinking knowledge you’ve practiced so far this quarter to other classes and facets of life