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Below are the instructions for the capstone project paper. I have also attached a running accumulation of work over the course of 8 weeks that has been done to lead up to the final project. Hopefully this document will be kind of helpful in formulating a paper. As you can see, the capstone’s PICOT is listed below as well. There are several references listed in the attached document that need to be used for the project as well. Paper must be written in APA format. Must use in-text citations (please quote correctly). Please be mindful of grammar, punctuation, and use of proper English. I have also attached a grading rubric as well.

Submit EBP project with Implementation Plan and Evaluation Plan.Note EBP plan should resemble plan on page 248 of the Melnyk text. This is your final capstone Master’s level paper. Required Headings for the paper are listed below:

Headings in the EBP Paper:

Cultivate a Spirit of Inquiry

Clinical PICOT Question

Literature Review: The most relevant best evidence.

Critically appraisal of the Evidence

Project implementation

Evaluation of Outcomes

Disseminate the outcomes of the EBP decision or change.



PICOT: In hospitalized geriatric patients (P), does incorporating educational strategies into the patient’s plan of care and use of medicated urinary catheter (I), compared to use of a medicated urinary catheter alone (C), decrease incidence of inpatient catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI’s) (O) over a three-month period (T).