The Theme of Obsession in Mcteague –

Humanities –

In this first essay you will do an analysis of McTeague. Choose one of the three essay questions below:

  1. Character Analysis: Choose one main character, or couple. Ask yourself who are they, how do they fit into the story, do they have any character flaws, etc.
  2. Major Themes of Obsession and Greed: Focus on either obsession or greed, not both. How does the story revolve around them? What is their importance? How do they impact the story? How do they affect the characters?
  3. Symbolism: Certain symbols run throughout the book. Certain words and images are repeated over and over again. Choose one symbol and analyze it. Tell me what do you think it means. Why does Norris want us to focus on it? Why is it important to the story? How does it apply to the character(s) in which it is attached to?


Grading Rubric:

Fully developed thesis statement (you are making a point or arguing something) 40 pts.

Fully developed body paragraphs 30 pts.
Organization (intro, body, conc; MLA) 15 pts.

Grammar/Sentence Structure 15 pts.